V13 Beta/Develop: Neither Email got triggering Nor Emails are in Queue at Any Event!

Hello everyone,

Does anyone facing similar challenge as like me with v13 beta as well as develop branch?

Despite enabling scheduler, all the good dependencies installed with Ubuntu 20.04, none of mail (i would say, notification also) got triggering and none of them showing in email queue.

PS: Mail is working fine when we go to user, and sent them a mail, it also triggers in queue and can sent from there, and mail actually arrives in mailbox. Challenge is with, auto-triggering on events.

I know v13 is still in beta, but this is really roadblocking to me while working with small team/clients. At this point, when v13 is about to release, I’m not planning to degrade my instance.

Can anyone confirm, if they’re facing same, or any workaround applied to resolve this as of now?