V13-beta12 Purchase Order restricted to Represents Company

Hey there. Recently upgraded to v13-beta12 and my Purchase Users cannot access their Purchase Orders anymore. The admin can still access it though. The restricted field shows this:
I think the lack of access has something to do with the second field. I’ve never seen this anywhere before. Any way that I can take it out?

I am also facing the issue, Is there any solution.
Problem: There are Parent and Child Companies.
Company A (Parent Company) is “Represent Company” of Internal Supplier (A Supplier Marked as Internal).As a child company I created a PO against the internal Supplier, but the PO not showing in the PO list and anywhere, since the Company restriction by User Permission(Represent Company restriction comes there). For V12 works fine. For V12 there is Company field restriction only.

So there are two companies in your instance, A and B, one is holding co (parent) and another is subsidiary co (child). Both A and B does transaction of sale purchase within & you want internal transaction booked to be settled as inter party balance, then paying money.

Is this the transaction flow you trying to accomplish?

@LiyakatAli Yes

Slightly different for me here. We have just the one company on our instance, yet the Represents Company Restriction is there. Haven’t figured out yet how to eliminate or remove this restriction.

@zuron7 @jamsheer You need to enable “Ignore User Permissions” for “Represents Company” field in Customer, Supplier, Purchase Order, Sales Order and any other doctypes where that field exists. You can do it from Customize Form.

Thank you !!. It is working fine now .!!

Ah damn. How did I miss that field. Thank you Nabin.