[V13] Changes in dashboard settings breaks updates

I am on ERPNExt 13.0.1 / Frappe 13.0.2

If I run bench update, it says

Cannot proceed with update: You have local changes in app "erpnext" that are not committed.

I found that these two files are modified:

    modified:   erpnext/crm/crm_dashboard/crm/crm.json
    modified:   erpnext/crm/dashboard_chart/opportunity_trends/opportunity_trends.json

I definitely did not touch them, only thing I did is some changes to shortcuts, cards and charts setup from UI. Is this a bug?

you don’t need to make changes to the existing dashboard files. You can configure user wise dashboard

As I said above, I did not changed any files, changes were made using UI/dashboard.

you can do

bench update --reset

this will discard the changes on the above mentioned two files and update

I know that I can discard that changes doing reset, but the question is, if this is the intended behavior, when you make some setting via UI/dashboard and update breaks it. Then you have to make your setup after every update again and again…