V13 Desk bug - "Page home not found" "The resource you are looking for is not available"

Any solution to this in V13?

This user has Purchase user role and Buying module access only.


This error is when user has access to desk and clicks on the ERPNext “E” button…

There is standard “Home” workspace already so nothing to create there (and not edtiable as admin anyway)…

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From what I see, user must have “CORE” module enabled for this to work/stop the error.

In our case we’re trying to show minimum amount of menu options to users. Enabling core adds Build, Settings, Users… but I guess this may be the minimum required modules?..


Yes, i too have tried all options only this works.
Module Def list, under core if edit was possible could have limited to what is shown in Build, Buying and Settings. It is frustrating as its a clean experience. But i guess V13 UI upgrades are more enticing so… cool:grinning:.

Hope some fix comes.

I have the same concern but on Task page.
I’m new to erpnext. When I go to Projects > Task I get the error message that says “Page task not found
The resource you are looking for is not available”

I can’t seem to find Task even on search tool.



I’m new to ERPNext, and I just come across this in erpnext.com trial account too!

The user is assigned a Task, and under his account, I can see 1 task is assigned. But Page task not found.

I was testing Task assignment. First time I assigned the Task, user will see the Task page. No problem. Then I unassigned and test again. Result is good. Task no longer listed under user.

Only when I re-assign Task to him, then this problem occur.

Need a fix!