V13 email inbox/folder questions


I’ve installed ERPNext 13 and I am pretty happy with it. There are some minor things I am trying to understand - one of them is the email inbox. Going to CRM > Communication I am presented with the “List View” showing the messages of my current inbox. So far so nice.

My IMAP connected inbox contains also some standard folders like “Sent”, “Trash”, … and some manually created folders. None of them is visible. Is this by design?

If I change the “List View” to “Inbox View” the message list is empty, even if I remove any kind of filter setting. On the left hand side there is a “Inbox” dropdown menue containing “Sent Mail”, “Spam” and “Trash” items:

Selecting any of them results to the following page:

Am I supposed to set something up here to get this folders working? Of course these standard IMAP folders already exist on the IMAP server side containg lots of messages. The ERPNext log shows some errors, I don’t know if they are related to this:

Any help, hint, information, … would be appreciated, Nobunaga

no one has any clue on this one… i am also having same issues… nor does erpmext expert help…

without proper email funcationality erpnext cant be considered market ready…
cant one helpe ?

Did either of you ever get a response to this?
After Setting up the Email Domain and Email Accounts I’m still not even seeing an Inbox for any of my users.