V13 Feature Contributions: Dunning and Shipment

Hello, we test v13 but I can not find shipping and dunning Modul…

How can I install it? So we like to go productive system on 01.01.2021

Thanks, best regards Thomas

I’m not sure about the dunning feature, but the shipping feature hasn’t been added to the core yet. You can install it as a standalone app from here:

Hello Levi, if i will see it right the erpnext-shipping modul will be only for plattforms like sendcloud.

But the Dunning and Shipment modul i like (see on this top) should be also connect directly to the shipping service provider like DHL or UPS.

So we didn`t like to work with plattforms like Sendcloud.

Thanks, Thomas

Dunning is great, a no-brainer really which needs to come out of the box. Have you considered calling it Payment Reminder?