V13 Feature Contributions: Dunning and Shipment

At Newmatik our next SCRUM sprint is called “V13 Contribution”. We are trying to get two important features we have worked on into the core: Dunning and Shipment. You should see the first WIP PR on GitHub by the end of the month.

I am not sure if the contribution we will be ready for V13 but we will try. If you find these features useful please let us know or give it a thumbs up so the maintainers know this is a good addition.

If you would like to contribute in any way please let us know. If instead you want to sponsor the development, testing, and documentation with a financial contribution you can send me a message.


This is based on the app GitHub - alyf-de/erpnext_dunning: Mahnungen schreiben mit ERPNext which we have modified and put out at GitHub - elexess/erp-dunning: Mahnungen schreiben mit ERPNext.

This enables sending payment reminders to customers who haven’t paid their invoices. Fully multi-lingual with jinja templating to customize the dunning text based on Dunning Type. You can also charge fees and interest.


There is a joke at every conference that there are probably 50 FedEx implementations out there but nobody is contributing theirs. So we created our own thing called Shipment. The idea is that you can connect to shipping service providers and book through them. Sendcloud, LetMeShip, jumingo, shipcloud, Metapack, Shippo, Packlink PRO and Sendif y are a few of the companies out there. We have made implementations for Packlink Pro and for LetMeShip. Credentials can be set up on a config page. Somebody might also contribute an integration for DHL, FedEx or UPS directly based on the API connectors we have written.

None of the screenshots are final, this is WIP.

Sorry for all the blurring but this is our live system and we can’t expose customer data.


Thanks for the contribution, this is very helpful. I’m sure I will both as soon as it is in the core.

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Looks great. Would be a great addition.

Awesome! Hope your team can accomplish.

YES YES YES. Essential in order to even think about being a viable ERP solution. Thank you so much for dedicating time and energy to these features.

Hi @dominik, please consider to pull the improvements we’ve made in the meantime before continuing your work on Dunning. Thanks in advance for making the merging effort.

I like the Shipment feature :+1:

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Great to see this @dominik. Please have a chat with @nabinhait for design related issues and feedback.

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Grat features @dominik

For dunning it would be nice with an auto cancellation rule that can be used for unshipped orders with 100% pre payment terms. Basicaly releasing allocated stock for a long overdue order.

Curious why you use an integration SaaS instead of talking directly to the three main carriers?

I’ve been wanting a tool that can also fetch shipments from say UPS that is not created in (this case) erpnext. This could be a third party supplier that ships using our account number. Pulling in new rows periodically would allow to see them and later allow linking to PO’s when proper meta-data fields are provided in the shipment.


We are unable to negotiate terms that are as good with the carriers directly. I would love it if someone took our example and contributed FedEx, DHL and UPS. It can be centrally enabled or disabled so people can choose to use an aggregator or the carrier directly.

Very nice! We are working with Sendcloud. Maybe I can contribute a Sendcloud implementation based on your work.

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That will be great. We wanted to that integration as well.

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waiting this feature

Dear Sir, any github link for your shipment app?

DUNNING: Does this have any relations with Request for Payment?

SHIPMENT: Does the integration with courrier work like the payment gateway integration?

Thank you.

I was looking forward to seeing you in v13.beta4 shipment! :sob:
I’ll keep waiting :smiley:

Hi All!,

Just an update, Dunning has been merged in develop since last month (see details here https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/pull/22559). Also, Shipment is currently under PR review here feat(shipment): Shipment Doctype with Integrations by jbienesdev · Pull Request #22914 · frappe/erpnext initially implementing LetMeShip, Packlink and SendCloud.



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Any docs around dunning, I’m trying to see if there is an auto cancellation rule.
When collecting orders that allocates real stock, it’s a common practice to automatically remind then release the stock / cancel order withing configurable time-frames.

Hi @raveslave! This is no auto cancellation rule for the initial PR. You can this feature on top of the existing one :slight_smile:

Hi @creamdory
is there a defined way (sw and UX) for how time based rules on a document / field should be designed!?


  • how would you configure it
  • how to see status on upcoming transitions like reminders/auto cancellations
  • flow/rules to make design of triggers like this user friendly to make

thx david

so excited

I can’t wait :weary: