V13: Finance Book link to sales/purchases

Hello ErpNext Community,

Although i have added the custom field of Finance Book in sales and purchase doc types but still any sales / purchase invoice booked appears as a common item and is not dedicated to its selected Finance Book.

Can someone PLEASE help with this. Its really important.

This is not availabe out of the box


I figured. I created the custom fields in purchase / sales invoices. What can I do to link Balance Sheet / PLS etc. to these so the reports can be properly segregated based on the Finance Book? Any guidance please?

Any guidance / help please?

At the end of the day I decided to use Accounting Dimension to achieve the desired objective.

It works in all doctypes…you can make it mandatory for Balance Sheets or Income statements and is available in the financial statements for analysis.

The Finance Book concept is kind of half baked in my opinion.

@olamide_shodunke - Thanks. I had tried that as well but ironically the dimension so added works for sales / purchase invoice but not in case of Journal Entry. Its a weird situation that the finance book works for Journal Entries but not other types whereas dimensions work for docs other than Journal Entry. Am stuck :frowning:

The GL entries created (on which reports are dependent) do not record accounting dimension in case of Journal Entry whereas in case of Finance Book, the Finance Book is recorded in GL Entry for Journal Entry but not other doc types :frowning:

In the Journal Entries add the dimensions in the accounts table.

It works

Thanks. I again tried it and accounting dimensions are working now.

However, I have still created a feature request on github. Hope this can be done and we can have a fully functional Finance Book. It would be great to have one.


Out of the box, Accounting Domains ar applicable here. And it is already there.
Make a DocType (FinanceBook or whatever), Make that DocType an Accounting Dimension. You can use that place that DocType as an Accounting Dimension in Sales and Purchases (and enven Journal Entries, etc.)

@Joseph_Marie_Alba1 Thanks I learned that as a work around solution.

However, this means that the “Finance Book” functionality is not useable by itself as it should be. If it was to be fixed as I requested in the Feature request on git hub that would make it a useful feature allowing us accountants to manage internal reporting / segregated books with more efficacy.

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I agree. I stepped into that land mine. I am avoiding that – until further notice. That is why I mentioned make a DocType.

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@Joseph_Marie_Alba1 Thank you!! Appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

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