V13 Fresh Install (develop) socket.io using wrong port

Hi all, been running v12 for a bit now (we started with v10) and have started the migration to v13.

Have just installed v13 (version-13 branch) on a Ubuntu box, installation used the --production tag. Everything seemed to run ok, would love to turn it back to developer mode so I can create a few things.

Used the following Instructions - github production to development.

Can run the instance fine, but cannot the client to connect to socket.io, would seem to be pointing to the wrong port, can I change it anywhere?

If I change the port number in common_site_settings to the same as the webserver then you get an ‘address already used’ on bench start.

Any ideas?

Sorry, one more thing. It would seem that frappe.boot.socketio_port is correct via the template, but is being changed back to 8000 somewhere down the line.


OK so I’m getting closer, its all due to seeing the os.environ.get('DEV_SERVER', False) environment var. However I cannot get bench start to recognize it when I set it either on $HOME/.bashrc or /etc/environment.

Is there another place that we can setup environment variables maybe in the Procfile?