V13 is not ready for enduser release imo

ERPNext bugs and comments
Because our factory is in the middle of nowhere, we cannot use a hosted service because the Internet is too unstable. So we began searching for a suitable ERP that wasn’t too heavy on resources and decided to try ERPNext using its latest version, which is 13.

The quantity of errors that showed up in the install of either frappe or ERPNext that does not seem to affect anything is mind boggling. Makes you doubt the functioning of the installation. Can’t anybody build an installer???

The manual is derelict with this new version. It should have been updated before non-beta release. There should also be a “user” version, taking out all the jinja and other things that only the system administrator would use.

Email is not added once email is enabled. Must go through the search tool. Must add it via Customize.

Email dates do not follow the date configuration of the system, like DD-MM-YYYY.

If you add an email account via the add user form, anything changed to the user like Roles in the same opened form session gets lost.
You have not even finished typing the email account name in a new email account that a pop up shows up asking if you want to create a new email domain. And when you click no, it takes the field of email name out of focus, and if you are not fast enough to finish typing the email name, the pop up shows again.

Email Digest is not on any menus or choices. Must go through the search tool. Must add it via Customize.

When you try to add user to an email digest, it says Name not set via prompt. It also makes the Digest name disappear. Does not seem to affect anything.

Chart of Account Importer does not work when using account numbers. The only way that I was able to import a chart of account was to add or change the name and number of the root accounts, then Data import the chart layer per layer as referral to a parent account in the same import file was not accepted. The I had to change the default accounts in the company definition and a few other places, then delete the old accounts. Pretty tedious.

In all the setup forms where I had to enter chart of account definitions of default accounts, it gave me an error of “Field ID chart_of_accounts not found. It did not seem to affect anything.

No function to be able to backup the database on a specific drive, network drive or folder. Must use an external system.

The globally Hide or Unhide certain modules by clicking on Show/Hide Cards in your ERPNext Home Page is nowhere to be found.

Session defaults nowhere. Must go through the search tool. Must add it via Customize.

So many more appeared while doing different areas of setup that I decided to quit. Sorry ERPNext. Moving on to something else unless someone tells me that V12 is worth looking at…

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Setting up ERPNext has always been like flipping a coin. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. (The easy install)

I have been working since V7 and every time I have to upgrade to a new version I prepare for a week of work.

But still love the ERPNext.