V13 Item with Barcodes and UOM Box and Unit

Hi all,
I have created an item with default UOM as Unit.
I have added the Units of Measure:

  1. Unit Conversion Factor 1
  2. Box Conversion Factor 6

I have added the Barcodes like:

  1. 0155601007001337 UOM BOX
  2. 0156010070013328 UOM UNIT

Now i have created the Purchase Invoice and before submitting changed the UOM to BOX and QTD 4 which will 24 Units of this Product in Stock… So far so good…

Now when selling:

  1. Scan the BARCODE 1 and the system does not change the UOM to Box but leaves as UNIT

It should when scanning the Barcode use the UOM set on the form instead of using the ITEM DEFAULT UOM…

Anyone had this issue and solved?

Thank in advance for you help.