V13: Login Session does not maintain


I been using Cloudflare with ERPNext installed on DigitalOcean.
Starting version after v12.8, whenever I go into my website main page, the session is cleared and require re-login.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. go to main page
  2. Login as per usual
  3. go to main page again
  4. system auto prompt relogin

I tried clean setup on v13 with the same method mapped with Cloudflare, the issue still remain.

Can anyone help, please?


Whats your session time out set too?

Everything should be on default.


it happened the same if I login and keep the desk opened in 1 tab, and open/refresh main page in another tab. won’t take longer than 5 seconds including login and wait for redirect to the Desk.

I’m having same issue, using ip is fine but not on the cloudflare dns .

Same, no issue with IP.

Hi, we are facing same problem, when open website link, session will auto revoke . Before this we are using version 11 and never had this issue. After upgrading to the latest v13 master ((erpnext)13.10.2 | (frappe)13.0.0), we encounter the exact problem as what TS mentioned .

There is a GitHub issue raised by somebody else but he was on the v12 version .


I have the same problem.
Have you solved it yet?

No, still dealing with the issue

Maybe the problem is caused by Cloudflare.
Disable Cloudflare to check it.

IP access is working fine, so i guess disabling the Cloudflare will be ok as well. The problem is, I have several others droplet running with v11 and mapped to Cloudflare and don’t have this issue at all.

Did you manage to solve this?.


Issue still not fixed, anyone can help?