V13 POS bug , and ledger not created


on the latest v13 pos i got issue
frappe.db.get_value(‘Stock Settings’, undefined, ‘allow_negative_stock’)

is error to read from database…

tried to set default by force it can works but it should not the correct fix…

and is the POS Invoice Still not creating any ledger ?


Please check V13 Pos thread to understand how the pos will work on v13.
I doubt they’re going maintain offline pos for v13 so you might not get any answer regarding offline pos.

Please test online pos and see if that works.

@fkardame yes im tried the online pos…

its successfully create a POS Invoice

its just there is no stock or accounting ledger so im confused…

and it seems there is no generate invoice function

and the error i mentioned above is not related to offline POS… i think it likely to be frappe 13 problem



accounting and ledger only being created after POS Closing Entry