V13 POS Issues/Bugs


We have found certain issues in v13 POS

1. No Option to Change POS Profile: Looks like v13 does not have option to change POS Profile under Menu in Point of Sale

2. Naming Series of Sales Invoice: There is no place to define the Naming series on POS Profile like in v12. This is used by people to create separate Invoice series for each POS Profile

3. Administrator User not available in Applicable for Users Child table : This makes it difficult for Administrator to test POS

4. Offline POS not available: Any work around for this?

5. Issue in Create POS Opening Entry Quick Entry Form: This quick entry form is not filtering the correct POS profile based on the Company selected

6. Wrong Payment Ledger selected in POS Invoice (Multi-company Setup):
I have mapped Ledgers for companies in Mode of Payment

Then mapped the Mode of Payment in POS Profile

On submitting the POS Invoice, system is not considering the ledger for selected Company

As an outcome of this I am not able to close the POS, since this Payment Ledger is carried forwarded to Sales Invoice and it throws a validation error that the Ledger does not belong to selected Company

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i just can answer to put the administrator… jsut type it… no need to select it…

No. That’s depreciated. Only way its to create an app to add offline support in v13.

Yes unfortunately POS in V13 is not ready for production.

Issues I found were:

  1. Series is Missing. Although Naming Series allows for multiple POS Invoice, the POS Profile has removed series field. I’m trying to work on adding it back on with the use of customs scrips.
  2. The POS itself is very buggy with the totals not updating, especially when user adds and removes items from the cart.

I am unable to see Retail module in the sidebar.

Is it only mme or other users are facing this issue as well?

Is there any update/development regarding the issues mentioned ?
I am really interested in Naming Series for Multiple POS Invoices for Multi Store Setup.