V13: Purchase Invoice to Asset Bug

If you enter same item more than one time in same purchase invoice having different rates, the fixed asset auto create from such a purchase invoice only links to the rate / price given in the last row.
I even tried to manually fix price in the asset by removing read only from gross purchase price in the doctype but it gives error that price is incorrect. To explain this in detail please note following example:

Purchase three Samsung LCDs from Supplier XYZ. One LCD cost 50,000 and two cost 75,000.
Create a purchase invoice.

In row 1 enter
Item: LCD
Quantity: 1
Rate: 50,000

in row 2 enter:
Item: LCD
Quantity: 2
Rate: 75,000

Purchase invoice is submitted. Since item is marked as “Is Fixed Asset”, 3 fixed assets are auto created.
However, the Gross Purchase Amount in all three fixed assets created is 75,000 and depreciation is also calculated on this.

This is incorrect as two assets should have Gross Purchase Amount as 75,000 and one asset should have Gross Purchase Amount as 50,000.