V13 - Sales Order Status - Showing Completed even after Sales Invoice Credited

Order flow - Sales Order - Sales Invoice - Delivery note (from Sales Invoice) Sales Order status changes correctly - to completed.

Created a full credit note on sales invoice - without cancelling delivery note. Sales order correctly shows 2 invoices linked - one is return. Sales Order status continues to show Completed. I modified the List View to include the % Shipped and % Billed. % Billed Continues to show at 100% - even though there is a credit invoice.

The delivery note status does show Return Issued. But Sales Order Status does not show To Bill or Partially Billed etc…

Is this normal?

Cancelling the delivery note - the % shipped status goes back to 0. But % billed remains at 100%.

Appreciate any thoughts / comments and whether others are seeing same issue. Thanks.