V13 : User Permissions for Warehouse Need Help

  1. i have created few warehouses and few users. each user have access to specific ware house achieved via user permission
  2. everything working as it supposed to on v12 but after upgraded to V13 it has issues while users making delivery notes or invoices with updated stock checked. Error Screen shot is here
  3. deleting the user permission makes user able to make invoices and deliveries again.

Can some body explain why it is not working in v13 and what is proper way to do this in version 13 … thanks

screenshot not available in the link https://ibb.co/vcMTNP8 , can you upload/paste the screenshot in this thread?

@szufisher updated the post

please try to tick the Ignore User Permissions for target_warehouse field in Delivery Note Item doctype via Customize Form.

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works like a charm … thanks …:heart: