V14 Domain / Module list?

I’m looking in the V14 documentation for a list of all the Modules/Domains that are supported by this version.

In the documentation, “Non Profit” and “Agriculture” are called modules, while “Education” is called a domain. Is there a difference between modules and domains?

Is there a comprehensive list of each? Which are automatically included by default, and which must be specified to be included?

Thank you

Hi @rich,

I explain the difference between module and domain in erpnext.

  • Modules: These are all the domain-agnostic modules available in ERPNext that are common to all types of businesses. Modules like Human Resources, CRM, Buying, Selling, etc. are put under this category.

  • Domains: This is where you can find all domain-specific modules like Education and Manufacturing. You can learn more about all industry-specific modules here.

Hope you understand.

Thank You!

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This is helpful. Thank you.