V14 Permission Error For Sales Taxes And Charges

I have recently upgraded to V14, I have a custom print format for my sales invoices.

Whenever I press print button, the system gives error “Not Permitted - Insufficient Permission for Sales Taxes and Charges”. This is not the case from administrator user.

Already tried giving permission to user from user permission & role permission manager too.

Can anyone help with this issue, is it server side issue or a bug.
PFA below screenshot


Please post the code used in custom print format particularly for Sales Taxes and Charges details print to provide better help.



Hi @mangroliya thanks for prompt reply,

I have already discovered the solution via this post ERPNext 14 - Insufficient Permission on Ajax Call with a fully enabled user

"The server script was trying to retrieve the child table data with frappe.get_list had to replace it with frappe.get_all. "

↑ this is the solution.


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