V15 Serial and Batch Bundle Feature - Any Idea How It Is Meant to Work?


I am using the develop branch of ERPNext, mainly because it has the brilliant new Form Builder feature.

I went to start customising ERPNext but the Purchase Receipt seems to now behave in a very odd way. A new documented feature, Serial and Batch Bundle, seems to have taken over and not be as functional.

I realise Develop is a work in progress but I have found it to be very stable to use.
Is there an easy way to revert to v14 (or a pre-Serial and Batch Bundle version) but be able to implement the Form Builder and possibly Workflow Builder?


Previously, I had the Purchase Receipt Item setup to display the Batch number for each Purchase Receipt Item, once it had been generated on Submit. This allowed the end user to easily know which Batch Number had been assigned to which item.

Now, the Batch Number is no longer displayed once submitted. the batch_no field is empty (so is the new Serial and Batch Bundle field.
The screenshot below is for a newly created Test Item, that is set to generate a new Batch Number on creation.

All links in the Purchase Receipt seem to be gone.
If I go to the Batch List, I can see the most recently created one, but clicking on it reveals only a link to the Serial and Batch Bundle ID, link to Purchase Receipt is gone at the top but exists as a .

Also it displays the Stock Levels for a weird list of lots of other Item’s stock levels but not enough in to know what they actually are.

Does anyone know if this can be feature can be switched off for new Purchase Receipt items?

ERPNext v14 made it very easy for receiving goods and being able to assign them a batch/serial number that the end user could see and apply.

As it stands, this new feature makes it far more complicated. Instead of displaying the batch number, you now have to click on the SBB number to find the batch number. A bit of a usage nightmare for large orders.

I can see where the SBB feature would be very useful, i.e. for entering a batch of serialised items in to the system and for movement of existing batched/serial items, but for creating single items it feels unnecessarily complicated.



This is insane… one of the worst UX I have ever seen.
Real showstopper for us to upgrade to v15.
Did you find any way to revert this madness and come back to simple batch entry?



I reported it as a bug on GitHub and a feature was added in the top to view the created batch/serial numbers

Which shows a report matching batch/serial numbers.

It’s not ideal but at least it shows what you need.

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Stock Ledger isn’t showing batch_no anymore ?


It will do, I just quickly made an example to show you with an item that has a serial number, rather than batch number.

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Sorry I meant the Stock Ledger, not the Serial and Batch Summary.

I tried to create a Purchase Receipt, with 2 different batches for the same item. After submit, I check Stock Ledger and I see a single row without a Batch displayed. In v14 I would see 2 rows, one for each batch. I could filter on batch and see their actual value in stock individually. In v15 how can we consult history, actual qty and value of each batch no ?

And btw thanks a lot for your answers :+1:

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Unfortunately these type of developments usually doesn’t have Enable/Disable switch. I agree that it’s a bit different now.

Sorry, haven’t looked at the Stock Ledger yet.

It could be it’s using the Serial Batch Bundle ID only. Don’t know if you could customise the report to breakdown further by Batch?


Does anyone know how to use this nightmare? This is a real showstopper for V15.
We will stay with V14 and evaluate another ERP system now.

It took me hours to create one one purchase invoice…


Probably best contacting @rohit_w here, as it was his implementation, or raise this on github as an issue.

What problems did you run in to when creating a purchase invoice?

We are dealing with single items with serials (IT goods). In V14 it was easy to create serials during purchase invoice => put in serials in one field. In V15 I need to first create the serials, put this serials to a serial batch and link this to the purchase invoice. Like pmjd wrote in June

It took me a complete hour to create a purchase invoice with 8 positions and 14 items with serials.
=> no way…


Anyone here got the Solution for this issue ? this is stopping is from Updating the version and moving to Frappe Cloud

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Here, it seems an easy solution.

But unfortunately batches and serials are already created in the video, so it’s not a real world example.

We may try to tweak the Stock Settings. Especially the Batch Selector dialog and auto-creation of the batches. (ie not using the Serial Batch Bundle)

Not at all this is not the solution for what we are asking here

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@Andreas_Thuer @Ijas @pmjd

First of all you should read the docs on Serial and Batch Bundle (https://docs.erpnext.com/docs/user/manual/en/serial-and-batch-bundle)

Option 1

In case of serial numbers you don’t need to create it first, you can upload the serial numbers using csv file and system will create the Serial Nos automatically.

For example:

I have created a csv file with 2 serial nos.

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 7.48.58 PM

After that using serial and batch selector, I have uploaded serial nos and created serial and batch bundle, you can check the same in GIF link

Option 2

You can also create the serial nos from the serial and batch bundle

From Serial and Batch Bundle → Click on Make Serial Nos → Disable "
Using CSV File" → Put Serial Nos in the Serial Nos field → Make Serial Nos

Serial Creation

I know this is a major change in v15, but it is very important in terms of data integrity issues. We are still improving the UX for this feature. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.


Also added option to make Serial Nos automatically from the Serial / Batch selector

Thanks for the suggestion i read how it works, however we deal with a lot of Serial no’s daily, if i need to Transfer 5 item at once i have to create 5 CSV files, it just made things very difficult and Time consuming

We can understand your issue and to fix this we have implemented new changes, which will be released this week. With these changes, you no longer need a CSV file to import serial numbers. We have added two options to import serial numbers without the CSV file.

  • Option 1: added small text field in which users can copy and paste serial numbers and then click on Create Serial Numbers. After that system will create the serial numbers as well Serial and Batch Bundle.

  • Option 2: On scanning of the serial number, system will check whether the serial no exists or not. If not and the current transaction is an Inward entry then system will create the scanned serial number.

For more details please check below PR link


Thats Great News, Thank you

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