V5.0 setup not proceeding Stuck after creating user

Setting this Address Template as default as there is no other default. SMTP Server is required. Then you press close and Setting up…

Sit tight while your system is being setup. This may take a few moments. And it stays like that. There is no way to setup smtp if it doesn’t let me pass the setup. What am I supposed to do here? This is a new install.

Post version 5 bugs to Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I think this was fixed, but not sure if its merged yet.

Thanks…I am really enjoying going through erpnext. It is one amazing piece of work…lots of jigsaw puzzles but very exciting…i have spent almost two weeks non stop studying it and appreciating the logic behind it all…the community is great and it is one serious project. Well done.

I think this issue has been raised a number of times different people on github so i wont’t duplicate it there. So probably the fix has not been merged yet? Is there a workaround for now as i want to start testing v5.00 in detail. I tried setting the defaults in site_config_json in the sites folder but it is not working.

It was merged yesterday. Did you try bench update?

Yes it works. Thanks