[V5] Adding items to Purchase Order and Sales Order is not working properly

Hi guys,

After succesfully having installed V5 I’m now setting up various things. I created an item with UOM as Kg.
In both the Purchase Order and the Sales Order I’m now having the same issue: whenever I enter the item number (select it from the list), the item description is not retrieved. I can enter something manually (but that should actually be prohibited i.m.o.). The UOM defaults to Nos, but that is not the Kg from the item.

I think something is wrong. Should I log an issue on Github, or did I miss a piece of setup?

I have installed Frappe version -5
I have create one item in “Item Master” and given Description to that item and save form.

  1. Respective “item Description” is Retrieving in sales and purchase order.
    2)But, when i set in Item master “UOM” as Kg.Then it take default to Nos. in sales and Purchase
    I think second point is issue.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

@shraddha: that’s not it (in my case at least).

The whole subform is not populating properly, when entering/selecting the item. Nos is just the default UOM. Other information is also not displayed (description, price list rate, etc).

Is this a bug, or is setup missing on my side? I’ll log a bug on GitHub if you need me to.

If you don’t have custom scripts, post this on GitHub. Also share the JS trace if any.