v5 edit doctype list view

Hello! I’ve searched a lot and can’t find the answer. Where can I remove the column showing ID (name) of an item in custom doctype list. I changed in “frappe/frappe/public/js/frappe/list/listview.js” the string (line 51)

$.each([‘name’, ‘owner’, ‘docstatus’, ‘_user_tags’, ‘_comments’, ‘modified’,
‘modified_by’, ‘_assign’, ‘_starred_by’],
function(i, fieldname) { add_field(fieldname); })

Removed ‘name’

$.each([‘owner’, ‘docstatus’, ‘_user_tags’, ‘_comments’, ‘modified’,
‘modified_by’, ‘_assign’, ‘_starred_by’],
function(i, fieldname) { add_field(fieldname); })

but the ID (name) is still in the list view
Is this file the right place to edit?

Thank you in advance!


Should I comment here the variable ‘main’? Sorry, but can’t understand what to do with it.

Really depends on what you want to do with it. Maybe you should try :smile:

Tried :slight_smile: Nothing changed. I guess I should look in html files like"list_item_row"? I need to remove column with item name from the list view. That is for I have more space for other fields.

No… Nothing. I even renamed this file – nothing changes and keeps rendering as always.

Maybe I should rephrase my question:

What files provide rendering and data in the list view of my custom doctype? In the desk, not in web. Where can I change the list of default columns that appear in list view?