V5 fresh install error

Hi all, on my test box i have a fresh install of V5. Trying to do the setup wizard but it keeps giving me issues. Everything is up to date as of this writing. PFA

Popup 1 after filling out the form
Popup 1

Popup 2 after exiting the first one. bench is not accessable- keeps sending me back to the setup wizard

Hello, I got exactly the same with a fresh install (no error during the bench update)

Keep updating v5 - we are pushing updates every hour or so.

Ok, thanks and good job, this v5 looks very nice!

Thanks! Still no luck with the latest update but will keep updating when I see a change on GH. Keep it up you’re almost there!!!

In /frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/setup/page/setup_wizard/install_fixtures.py change line 138 to

{'doctype': 'Activity Type', 'activity_type': _('Manufacturing')},

See the missing _() at Manufacturing.