v5 Outgoing email issue


Seems like v5 has outgoing email issue. Its not going.

  1. Some time, emails are getting delivered in few second, sometime, 4-5 min and in some case it takes even 3-4 hour.
  2. Issue came when I upgrade v4 to v5.
  3. When customer send email on support@xyz.com, it creates a support ticket but again - one email comes from support@xyz.com to Administrator email ID. Unable to figure out reason behind?

I still believe - v4 rocks in - Usability, Performance and Design (V4 design was simply the best :slight_smile: )


Hi @pdvyas can you please help in resolving outgoing email issue.

I changed Mandrill to Google apps email, seems it works. Emails are getting delivered within minute.
Can you please help in setting-up Mandrill. In v4, Mandrill was working perfectly fine.

I have had unsuccessful attempt to setup FRESH v4 instance. I would prefer to switch back to ERPNext v4. Would be a great if you can help me setting-up fresh v4.


+1 from my end as well.

I would also like to point out that in v5, there is no way to define the default sending email ID.

In v4 we were getting automated emails from noreply@mydomain.com but now I am getting those emails from the userid of the mandrill which is kind of wrong.

I would vote for one option where -

User can choose which ERPNext version they would like to go with as per their convenience. And if we can pop-up a small release note on community forum before any major release like v5 - saying features removed/added, certainly this will help user while making decisions.