V5 query report filter

Dear all
how to add a filter in query report in v5

You can add a similar javascript code in the javascript field of the Query Report: erpnext/accounts_receivable.js at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


there is no JavaScript field in query report in v5

so where to put the JavaScript to add filters to query report in v5

I mange to fix the problem
the JavaScript marked as hidden in report form

How did you link the query report with filters?

I have a query report:

supplier_name AS "Supplier::250",
SUM(net_total) AS "Amount (Without Tax):Float:250",
SUM(total_taxes_and_charges) AS "Tax and Charges:Float:250"
FROM `tabPurchase Order`
WHERE status='To Bill'
GROUP BY supplier_name; 

and filter:

frappe.query_reports["Supplier Wise Purchase"] = {
    "filters": [
            "label": __("From Date"),
            "fieldtype": "Date",
	    "default": get_today(),
            "reqd": 1
            "label": __("To Date"),
            "fieldtype": "Date",
	    "default": get_today(),
            "reqd": 1

Now may you please let me know how to link both because I want to restrict the output of my query for transaction date which user will mention at the run time.

Ruchin Sharma