[V5] Review from a User's Perspective


Now the v5 is released and a lot of users might have switched to v5 and many would be getting aw-struck from the changes with regards to v4, and hence I thought it would be great time to check as to how many people are happy with v5 as compared to v4.

Let me just try and list out some good things and some omissions from v5 and would request the other users to add things to the list so that the team could see what all is needed in v5 from user’s perspective.

Things I love about V5 (+1 for each entry)

  1. Shared with feature in v5 is simply great for usability you can share any document with any user who does not even have access to the document, much easier than changing the permission and add the value in permissions.

  2. Separate email accounts for all users possible now.

  3. Inclusive taxes in Purchase Cycle.

  4. Desktop notifications

  5. Item Variant: A good start but again I feel this is incomplete feature and would also feature in things I don’t like.

  6. Single Searched item in the List view does not open up automatically as in v4. (personal preference)

  7. Looks pleasing to eyes, the design , look and feel of v5 is indeed pleasing.

  8. Ability to disallow multiple logins from same user id.

Total Score = +8

Things I don’t like about V5 (-1 for each Entry)

  1. Cannot assign a document to multiple users (design call by the team but I still disagree with this)
  2. Unable to see who amended the document in the list view (in v4 we used to see the image of user who last modified the document)
  3. Party Model: Though this is a step in the right direction due to the code part but as a user there is no real benefit instead now we have to do more steps to create JV as a user for no real benefits.
  4. Bookmarks are Gone, though they have been replaced by STARS but I think they are not serving the purpose as of now.
  5. Furniture has been changed once again in a big way which creates a problem for users who are not so tech savvy.
  6. Performance Issues with v5 as it seems to be too heavy on the server.

Total Score = -6

Net Score = +2

Kindly please add your points so that we could cover the points from all users.

For the team I feel that the v5 is a great release but would be even better if some of the old features could be added back.

PS: I have not added things like new reports which could be there in v4 as well, reports like Accounts Receivable/Payable summary and other small things which could be handled in v4 as well, if you people want then I could add them to the list as well.

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Things I don’t like about V5 (-1 for each Entry)

  1. Outgoing email is a big pain in v5. Mandrill is not working. Emails are getting delivered too late.
  2. Pop-up comes after every action as confirmation.
  3. Any enquiry which comes through contact us page, I don’t know where it goes. Because I can’t any entry in CRM & Selling as well.
  4. Website sidebar is an amazing option for website user which is removed in v5. Lets keep as option - who want sidebar, let them use it.
  5. Bookmark is not available in v5. I was using bookmark all the time.
  6. After upgrading to v5, seller total billing details shows zero. I think this is a bug.
  7. User can login on multiple PC with one user id (I checked today & my erp is updated on 3 June).
  8. Performance issue in v5.
  9. While selecting parent page in website, instead of showing page list, it gives preview of whole page which is distracting.
  10. In outgoing email, now you will have "Sent by ERPNext etc…) Which i think makes now sense. In v4 there was an option to remove email footer.
  11. To do a transaction in v5 need much more time than in v4.

Total Score = -11