V5 Vagrant Box for Tests

Hi, i made a v5 vagrant box to my self… just for tests.

If any one is interested here is the link:

V5 Vagrant Box



If you want to develop ERPNext / Frappe App’s locally on your machine, Then the V5 Vagrant Box link above is the best environment available.
Luis has made it dead simple to Install, Modify and Maintain ERPNext / Frappe instances. All the ERPNext files are directly accessable and editable via your local OS GUI and software. A great resource for Dev’s.
Cheers Luis

@luisfmfernandes awesome we will add a page for community maintained installers


Hi @rmehta, i think it is a good idea and i’am glad to help.

@luisfmfernandes I had a search online but could not find a definitive way to install the latest version of wkhtmltopdf via command line on Ubuntu 14.10 that works with Frappe. I know you have updated your vagrant.box to include wkhtmltopdf but I would like to know how to install this for future reference. Could you share your process?

I’d suggest using Ubuntu 14.04 for the reason it’s LTS

@pdvyas, you are right…i will make for Ubuntu 14.04 soon…

@System19, Download wkhtmltopdf from Linux (Ubuntu Trusty). It is for Ubuntu 14.04 but i think it works in Ubuntu 14.10.
I don’t make any test and i’am not at home at the moment, but later i will test.
After download put the package in host erpnext folder and do sudo dpkg -i NAME_OF_DEB_PACKAGE_YOU_DOWNLOAD.deb .
Then issue, in guest ubuntu folder /vagrant/frappe-bench, env/bin/pip install wkhtmltopdf to install the python package.

Tell me if this don’t work.

Good Luck!