[V6] New entries of child doctype does not reflected in the database(child doctype table)

Hi All,

As per title, i currently having the issue as per title.

For an example, i have create new entries on Price List, on Country table(added Switzerland):

Note that Country table is linked to child doctype named Price List Country
On the database, the record is empty:

I have try replicate this issue using a custom doctype withn custom child doctype, the db still show empty record.

How do I retrieve the entries from the db? Is the entries created were stored at another table?


Check if you have multiple sites in the sites folder then check the current site in current_site.txt file. may be you are saving the price list in one site and check the database for another.

if you are using bench mysql then it will open the mysql console for site mentioned in current_site.txt you can change the current site by using bench use sitename

Thanks, Makarand