V6. pay for taxes


How can I pay for taxes of an import after having paid an advance to the supplier?

I tried the following:

  1. make purchase order and pay in advance.
  2. make purchase invoice and add the tax to the purchase invoice.
  3. pay the invoice.

However it won’t let me apply the payment to my tax account.

How can I pay taxes on a purchase for which i paid an advance which did not include taxes?

thank you!!


Hi rmehta,

Thanks but I’m familiar with this page. My struggle is with the taxes and charges table.

Issues that occur when we import things from abroad:

  1. We pay an advance and I want the bank transfer fee that I put in the charges table to go to the account I assigned it to but instead it gets credited to my supplier account.

  2. We need to be able to pay a supplier but print the check for a different beneficiary. What do we change in order to do this?

  3. When we import things, we pay taxes directly to the government. How can I make sure the VAT does not get included in our payment to the supplier?

I really appreciate any tips you can give me.


How do you make the advance entry?

Here is what I would do if the advance I paid was 100 and bank charges were 10

Supplier 100 Dr
Bank 110 Cr
Bank Charges (expenses) 10 Dr

Explain your entries. Also talk to an accountant, that might help!

@sofia Is there ever an invoice sent to you for the VAT due that you pay directly to the Government?

Hi guys,
I have a similar issue, customer pay GST together in the Advance Payment.
But GST doesn’t tag with a Customer so when pulling from SI, it doesn’t get through and therefore, the GST is ledger is wrong.


  1. Advance Payment (JE):
  • Bank Acc: Debit 110
  • GST: Credit 10
  • Debtor: Credit 100
  1. Sell for 200 (or 220 in total, 20 is GST)
  • GST: Credit 20 (while should be 10, or need to do adjustment after step 3)
  1. Make Payment with Advance received
  • Debtor: Credit 120
  • Bank Acc: Debit 120

@rmehta what is the flow you would recommend for this ?
I can do a custom button to split the 120 in step 3 into:

  • Bank Acc: Debit 110
  • GST: Debit 10

But is it good enough/ideal ?