[v7.1] Frappe + ERPNext Documentation 100% in-app

In version 7.1

The Frappe and ERPNext documentation will be fully in-app

100% searchable locally!

cc @netchampfaris


GR8!!! @team_frappe


Awesome. I was waiting for a long time . Great work

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I click the help button in the upper right and click documention menu I got this error

OperationalError: (1045, "Access denied for user '30s2efdfd8fdfd0267b'@'xxxxxx' (using password: YES)")

@ccfiel did you pull the latest update? and then bench migrate ?

@rmehta my bad. I did a latest update its now working. Thanks! and great work!

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Great job! :slight_smile:

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Good bye dead links.
Great job, Guys.

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This was long awaited! Grats!

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very cool

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