V7.1 SSL error - Sorry! We will be back soon

Hey everyone,

I just installed a new bench on our VM and setup SSL via multi tenant and bench commands. The SSL cert works, but now when I go to the site, the error message “Sorry! We will be back soon.” comes up. When I turn off multi tenant and just use port 80/no ssl ERPNext loads. When I go to console with SSL on it shows error 502 bad gateway for loading the favicon.ico file. My guess is with multi tenant frappe doesn’t know what to use for the default site. I tried setting a default site to see if that helps but had no luck/might have used the wrong commands.

Any help would be great!


Hi all,

Just an update as I am still unable to get this resolved. I have updated a few times with no luck. The issue still seems to be with SSL/multitenancy. When I have those turned off it loads, when I enable SSL/multitenancy I am still getting the be right back error. If anyone has some input or needs more info to get this resolved please let me know.


Run bench update again and share your trace.

Was able to fix it. What I did was turn off multitenancy, then go to nginx conf file and add the SSL and port 80 redirect which seems to be working. Was still a bit strange with some bench commands but ultimately got it working.

Thanks/Sorry for clogging the forum