[V7.2.2] Why different datetime Picker?

hi all,

I switched to Master branch and updated to V7.2.2 When opening the Timesheet I was shocked

Why is the Datetime picker for From an To time different to previous versions
I am missing the " Now Button and possibility to pick seconds

why is there a constant decrease and change of workflow??

I would really want the old picker back!

I’m not sure if this is the reason or not, but the old time picker was not mobile friendly at all, the sliders just did not work well with touch screens. This new time picker works very well on mobile which is awesome since most of our employees use mobile devices.

Maybe they can add that functionality into the new picker?

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Hi @Dbone

thanks for getting back to this
I see that makes sensev - lets hope the “now” button and seconds slide come

@spa Just curious why would you want seconds, I guess you are the only user who wants it.


hi @rmehta

also thank you for getting back

please see here

I know that for consulting etc it is over the top but for manufacturing it is useful though - also at least in the threat of the post provided other found that valid as well.

may it be possible to pass these features via client script so whoever wants it gets it via custom script??

HI there,

I’m also using the Now button in a custom Timesheet application for employee’s production that I’m developing, so this new datepicker it’s also a problem to us. I think many other people would be using this Now button feature that appeared before…

On the other hand, we are also using seconds to control the timesheet, but there’s no need to pick them.


Hi @rtimagine,

thanks for the input
well I think that would be a compromise - how about a normal now button and a special one - both working on the second
The special one sets a “To Time” and opens a new row in timesheet detail and puts the value of previous rows “To Time” into the new Rows “From Time”
that way it would be an even better Picker as it saves time inputing information.


We use, too, the old datetime picker. We need both the seconds picker and the ‘Now’ button.

Is there any possibility of adding the option of continuing to use the old datetime picker? Or adding the old options to the new one?


The current time is already set when opening the datepicker. So, there’s no need for a Now button.
Will be working on adding seconds to the timepicker.


Hi @netchampfaris

thank you for getting back on this one

as of
ERPNext: v7.2.2
Frappe Framework: v7.2.4

unfortunately it is not - see here

the time in the picker is 14:26 - always btw
systemtime client 16:09
systemtime server 16:09

however I think if opening the datepicker would display the “now” time on the second I agree that there would not be a need for the now button

but would it be possible to have a button that inserts the “now” in the “To Time” and opens a new row and sets the same time value in the From Time of next row? That way seemless logging would be possible


Isn’t it a bad idea to update a production version without checking the incoming changes?

I have seen blog articles that give a heads up on what’s coming in version updates so people can also test and respond accordingly.

I am sure it would help to not call on the core team on things we the community should do better really.

Hi @mwai,

thank you for sharing your opinion

no its not a bad idea as we just swiched to master 5 days ago and are starting to get into prod state - hence this transision was inevitable anyhow.
It surely was not my aim to “call” on someone in any other way but a constructive one by meaning to reopen a conversation we already conducted aprox. a year ago ( please see the link mentioned by me a little further up) in order to open a forum for others and of course my self to mention concerns and opinions as well as gaining further information about the background of that change to seek for a solution that fits everyone. My sincere apologies if I did not bring that across propperly
But we are on the same page as I generally agree with you in terms of the community´s responsibilities.
However in this particular case the blog didnt really reveal the new features of the datetime picker in terms of the time picking. see here

hence I was not aware of it until I´ve seen it myself after updating.
Of course I admit that when reading the blog before the seasonal hollidays I was not concerned as I Assumed the new picker to be “just” an updated version of the old one taking into account the need of some businesses to log time on the second wich was until then a function of ERPNext.
But you know about the root of any surprise - “first was the assumption” :wink:
I hope that sheds a little light on the ins and outs.


Seconds added in the new datepicker, see added seconds in air-datepicker by netchampfaris · Pull Request #2537 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Test it out, and report bugs if encountered. :slight_smile:

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Hi @netchampfaris,

thank you for the efford!
I have checked beta.erpnext.com
as of version 7.2.8 for both frappe and erpnext
looks great - seconds works very well
only the now function is not working - well only for the first entry
maybe the “now” value does not get reset every time the picker is opened or it gets the value from e.g. creationtime of timesheeet

also the time only gets put in if you move one of the sliders even if its displayed in the picker



the new date time picker in v10 is a stunner so far like it a lot!!!
Thanks guys!!!

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