V7 Bug - Expense Claim Rename

Hello everyone,

In V7, when I go to rename a submitted Expense Claim, the name changes on the detail view, and then an error pops up saying I am not allowed to modify the total after submission. I assume this is a bug due to the fact that:

  • On other submittable documents (e.g. an Invoice) you are allowed to rename them as you wish.
  • It is warning me of modifying a total, which I am not
  • It changes on the detail view, but not on the list view

Cheers all!

Could you add screen shots of your issue? or create an issue on GitHub with appropriate references to screen shots and messages?


Firstly, Rename functionality is only intended for the masters (like Customers, Suppliers, Item Codes, Warehouse, Accounts) for which Primary Key (ID) is generated based on their name itself.

For the master and transactions which are generated based on Naming Series, Renaming should not be allowed. In the standard solution, Sales Invoice and Expense Claims are not renamable. Seems like you have customized this in your ERPNext account. Renaming ID generated based on naming series can disturb current value of the Naming Series, and lead to authentication issues. We won’t suggest to allow rename feature for documents for which ID is generated based on Naming Series.

Hi @umair,

I haven’t modified any of the standard user permissions that came with the install of ERP Next 7.0.2 I believe it was. When I do rename an invoice, the number-series ID stays consistent (e.g. if I titled an invoice “My Customer’s Invoice” and it was assigned the number of SINV-0001, if I rename it to “My Customer’s Final Invoice” the number is still SINV-0001. I think I was wrong in saying “name”, what I am actually referring to is changing the “title”.

The same goes with the claim really; I am not asking to rename EXP-00001, but rather the “title”. Please see screenshot: