[v7] Change in Redirect URI for Social Logins

Hi all
I have created Google client Id and client secret and also given correct redirection url .when I am trying to log into my account using my google account it asks for the permission but after that it is giving me an error saying invalid token.


I am also facing a similar situation wherein my existing social login has stopped working after v7 update, the documents page is 2 years old and does not tell about the new URI:

Old Help page: https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/website/setup/social-login-keys.html

I am getting the below error:

The instructions in the document has incorrect redirect URI. (ERP Team should correct this manual https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/website/setup/social-login-keys ).

You can find the correct Redirect URI here


When there is port number included in the [yoursite] part it doesn’t accept as erpnext doesn’t forward that part of the uri. Is there any workaround for this?

I am having the same issue with the port number missing. Was anybody able to find a solution?

I am also having this problem

Please create new topic and describe issue in detail.

  • inactive token?
  • wrong redirect uri?
  • port missing?
  • anything else?

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