[V7] DocType Search by field issue?

Hi all,

i’m experiencing some odd behavior in search field.

Ex. In Customer Doctype, i changed the search field in order to have: fidelity_card_no, customer_name, customer_group …where fidelity_card_no is a custom field.

In the Sales Invoice on Customer i get:

Whatever value i set on custom form “search by” field …Links shows always the same default fields: customer_name, customer_group, territory.

Can you please have a look and let me know what i’m doing wrong?

Thx in advance


Search field does not work in customer doctype.
If you want to change search fields in customer doctype then you have to do changes in customer query located in controller / query.py file. you will find “customer_query” function in that file

@Divyesh_Amreliya thx a lot! Is that by design? or a “bug”?


It is design that way. :slight_smile:

@Divyesh_Amreliya do u know why is that? It’s kind of strange