[V7] Editable Grid for Stock Transfer Detail -- No QTY

Dear Developers,

I think the choice for the column for editable grid in stock transfer detail is not suitable. As you can see from the screenshot, we cannot find quantity anywhere on the 4 column editable grid layout. I’ve disabled print as draft as it would encourage workers from committing a fraud by simply editing the HTML code and getting rid of “DRAFT”.

Also i noticed a BUG when using the old V6 layout by disabling Editable Grid. Despite having all the fields such as “Amount”, “Valuation”, “Rate” to a higher level of permission, The amount still appears during input of Material Transfer. Please see the other screen shot.

@jetplane99 agree with you, qty must be visible on the grid layout

The permission issue looks like a bug. Raise a github issue and we will fit it.

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I raised an issue on Github.