V7 fresh install error Ubuntu 14.04

Hi all, Congrats and thanks for everyone on V7!!!

Anyway’s trying to get it up and running on a fresh VM with Ubuntu 14.04 and keep getting errors: http://pastebin.com/T4ZHkd6Y

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Okay, try this :

move the .bench folder in your home dir to /tmp by running (from your home directory):

mv .bench /tmp

Then modify the file .bench/playbooks/production/includes/setup_bench_production.yml inside /tmp

Change the line (14)

command: bench new-site {{ site }} --admin-password {{ admin_password }} --mariadb-root-password {{ mysql_root_password }}

to (basically add double quotes on either side of the command

command: "bench new-site {{ site }} --admin-password {{ admin_password }} --mariadb-root-password {{ mysql_root_password }}"

make sure the indentation isn’t changed.

And run the setup script again.

Sorry for the complicated instructions, we gotta test if this works or not first.

Hey, thanks for the response. Will give it a go and report back!