[V7] Generic POS View removed for Quotation, Sales Order

Many indispensable display features are no longer present ( POS view switch for quotation and sales order , and simplified addition of several lines of sale).

WTF ???

Hi @CTBG_Pole_Digital,

It’s Progressive! V7 POS
POS is used in retail shops where Quotation, Sales Order not come into picture, merchant prepares the bill (Sales Invoice) for purchased items using POS.

If you want to make fast entry without offline features then POS view is not good for you, you can use sales invoice form as POS. Only you need to checked Is POS on sales invoice form.

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Ok I fully understand your point of view. But be aware that the switch on the POS for quotations and purchase orders would be appreciated by many of us .

This is just what we liked at Strike

This feature , however, was present in the previous version. i don’t understand !


  1. You can now quickly add items via the grid so the form entry has improved and you no longer need the POS view
  2. The new POS is a lot better and works offline too
  3. V7 has been in beta for quite a while. Would have helped to give feedback “before” the event not after!

That’s very disappointing… In my business, we have to enter hundreds of sales orders daily. The POS screen was perfect for that (with the big item buttons, etc)…
Data entry in the SO grid view is quite slow compared to the POS screen…

The POS view switch makes life very easy. It is better to have that as well as the actual POS module.

I really miss it: https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/using-erpnext/articles/pos-view