[V7] How to add a field to the "new item" popup?


I would like to add field “Default warehouse” to the “new item” pop up.
But I can’t find the place to customize it.
I’m using the cloud version.

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Actually, this would also be an even better solution for what I need:


Make the Default Warehouse field either Mandatory or Bold from Customize form, Then the field will display on Quick entry Dialog.

Thanks, Makarand

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After posting this question I had that very idea and made the Default Warehouse mandatory. Much to my surprise, when I did that, the “new item” popup stopped showing and the full new item page started showing immediately when I created a new item.

I just tried it again and the same happened. The “new item” popup no longer shows. I immediately get the full page.



Quick Entry will be disabled if the total mandatory or bold fields are greater than 7, In this case you will be redirected to New Form instead.

Please check quick_entry.js

Thanks, Makarand


I can’t remove any of the current mandatory ones.

I tried to remove one of the ones I don’t need (initial stock) but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. What do you mean by “bold”? I can’t find that field option.