[v7] Is purchase/ sales Item alternative: designated warehouses

Hey y’all! Overall I am very pleased with v7; it’s extremely fast and the UX is 10x. My company, like many others here, has hundreds of items which are support or BOM items for 20 salable products. The v7 update removing “is sales/ purchase” from the item doc means users have to sort through or systemize our sales item codes. I just updated tonight and I can already hear in my head the stuffy sales guy whining.

I propose that sales setting include a doc link with options to designate a default warehouse for sales items. For users that don’t delineate warehouses, no probs, and for users that do, no probs.

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The feature is back in ERPNext v 7.0.29: [revert] is_sales_item, is_purchase_item back · frappe/erpnext@d973c16 · GitHub