V7 list view limit space

Hi all,

In erpnext version 6 there was the possibility to add only 3 columns in list view.
I’d like to know if with the version 7, there is the same problem.

Thanks in advance

In child table you can add more than 3 columns. Number of columns are based on there colspan, which you can set now in Columns fields. The total number of Columns for a child table cannot exceed 10, if it does then you might loose a column.

I’m not referring to the child table.
E.g. in Item master page, I’d like to show the following information: Item Code, Item Name, Default Supplier, Balance Quantity, Default Warehouse …

With the version 6 this is not possible, because to insert new column I’ll have to uncheck some field from list view (there is only limited space).
Version 7 has the same problem?

@laura it is still the same because only limited data that can fit into that space.

Hi, i have the same issue, my list view has just the title field and status, but i want to show more things like cellphone, doc, a group. How can i add a columm?

@Thiago_Henry There is not enough space to show that many columns so you will have to prioritize which columns to show.

@KanchanChauhan ok, thanks for your help.

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@KanchanChauhan Can you give steps how to set this columns if I want to show 5 columns on editable grid?? I’ve set it via customize form but it doesn’t work…using v7.1 beta

@KanchanChauhan No plane to resolve this?


You’ll want to discuss this at Attachment removed. You may need to update: Description HTML - #3 by system