V7 make invoice from SO

Hi upgraded to v7.1.9 and I’m not able to create a sales invoice from a sales order.

Previously, I created the sales order and after saving it, I was able to click on make invoice in the upper right corner.

With v7, even if I create a sales invoice and click on get items from sales order, the system cannot find it.

What do I have to do?


This is working fine for us. May I know what is the Sales Order Total? If it’s zero, then it won’t have option to create Sales Invoice against it.

I dont understand why. I created a new one and it’s ok… But on the previous one, I dont have access to the top buttons… and no the total is not 0.

Perhaps you can cancel/amend it, and check if issue prevails. Any customization (like Custom Script) written in your ERPNext account?

No custom script or anything.
I tried to ammend it 3 times and always the same issue.
With the new one, it worked without any issue.

I’ll let you know if this happens again.