[V7] Manual Dropbox Backup?

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What is the Manual Dropbox Backup command in v7?

You can add a button for it with custom script.

Thank you revant, it’s worked for me

@mayar If that solves your issue, then accept his answer.

@yashodhan how to accept?

@revant_one is this also possible to add a notification after click on Take Backups, for example your backup is success or taken something like this.

you can modify the frappe.call as per your need.

	method: "frappe.integrations.doctype.dropbox_backup.dropbox_backup.take_backups_dropbox",
	freeze: true,
	freeze_message: __("Taking backup"),
	callback: function(r){
		if(!r.exc) {
			frappe.msgprint(__("Backup taken successfully"));
		} else {
			frappe.msgprint(__("Error while taking backup. <br /> " + r.exc));

I’ve modified the other post accordingly [SOLVED] How to change the frequency of Backup in Dropbox - #2 by revant_one

@revant_one thank you