V7 : Max user setting (rep)

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Hi Sambhaji,

I think the folder file you provided only consist of the following coding.

The only detail shows in the screen was exactly shown as below. Does it mean we need to code the script in that area? Or there should had another file to hold that script?


@Witton Second screenshot is broken in your previous post.

Hi , I can see the snapshot. Anyway, here the screen shot again.

You can found information here

In site_config update script as follows:

 "db_name": "xxxxxxxxxx",
 "db_password": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
 "limits": {
  "emails": 1500,
  "space": 0.157,
  "expiry": "2016-07-25",
  "users": 1

I think one need to update following files with max user settings and other example.


Sambhaji Kolate,
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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Great! Many thanks !