V7 POS Retail User Permissions

Greetings! I would like to setup a new role solely for a POS User who has the task to do cashiering and printing invoices. What doc types must i add to enable POS for this user? Thanks!


Have you checked?

Hate to rehash this topic, but have tried creating a new role (POS User) and added almost all Role Permissions same as Accounts User but to no avail. I’ve assigned this role to a user, set modules access to Sales Invoice, Desk, and POS.

When I login with that user, the POS icon does not appear. using explore and going to Accounts, POS does not show up. If I use search to OPEN POS, I get permissions error.

I’ve also tried it with and without a POS Profile. Sitll same erros.

What did I miss?


I think it is part of Sales User in user roles. Try to check that and figure out how to customize permissions. Check set desktop icon also if POS is enabled for that particular user.

Will try that, but POS is using Sales Invoice so it’s actually under accounts user.

I did also set desktop icon (and also Modules Access) to enable POS, same issue.

It would be nice if ERPNEXT actually states what object it requires permission on so that we don’t have to guess !!

Much thanks anyway!! Anyone else have some suggestions? Please help!

Actually, I tried to duplicate Accounts User role and then see if i can just reduce role permissions to what I want, only to find out duplicate does not copy over role permissions (another useful feature or maybe bug that we can report?)

Help!! Much thanks!!

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Hello there

I am facing exactly the same situation… did anyone reach to a solution?

Will be great to hear from you


Did anyone tried to find this?

I created a new role permission and not able to give the user pos access until I give him Account User. I dont want to give him account user coz of other user permission levels.

So where is the pos permission in the permission list?
I tried giving sales invoice, items, item groups, company warehouse, pos profile and pos setting everything that pos needs to run, still cannot see pos in that user login.

tried duplicating the Accounts user role with the document restriction still no luck on getting pos role without giving that user Account user role.