[v7] Problem with Items Table 4-Column

Ideally it would be great if we could have the field in Draft state as well but yes showing in Submitted should be good.

For draft state I have an idea that we could have a button in items table to make non-editable meaning that the user is not interested in editing something similar to what we have in NOTES, the only difference being that by default the item table can be in EDIT mode whereas in NOTES the default state is non-editable.

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@adityaduggal mmm. Am in a fix here. What do you suggest?

@rmehta i think would be useful having more columns in purchase order as well …like supplier part no, description, UOM …probably would be nice to have same layout of version 6 if possible with multiple lines per item

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@rmehta I think it would be best to have an EXTRA button in above the CHILD table EDIT.

The child table should change to 4-column quick entry mode with 4-columns editable otherwise it should be in READ mode which is similar to the V6 only, this ways you can have best of both the worlds.


I believe that although having a clean, streamline app look is consistent with your UI and is applaudable, honestly sometimes the additional information we can see totally outweights looks in day-to-day operations…

PS: Keep what worked :slight_smile:

PPS: @rmehta Maybe have an official Feature Request section where your staff post features you intend to work on and let us vote. With paying customers given more weightage. (or Dislike - if there is such button)

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Any plans to give the view for extra fields, this is a show stopper with v7 on master I thought it might have been there in the standard product.

@adityaduggal the problem is with the column headings - we cannot have different headings for columns if they are read-only or editable.

What might make sense is to write a formatter for Item that shows its item code and name (if they are different) or only item code.

Why can we have something like the notes, that is when you load a document then initially the child table (item table) is non-editable, but the moment you click the edit button the whole table becomes editable showing 4-columns only.

This ways we are only increasing 1-click for adding all the items from the current scenario but it would bring back the old functionality where we could see all the fields which are marked as SHOW IN LIST. See the gif below which is nothing but a NOTE in v6.

Now see a lot of users are already using the show in list view property and removing this feature would only encourage these people not to update, see the image attached.

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@adityaduggal this is already there! - “Show Print First” on doctype. Would that work?

See the 2 images below:



If you notice that there are many fields in the images which cannot be part of the print format. So showing the print preview first is not going to resolve the issue FIelds like:

Income Account, SO#, DN# are not shown in the print of a Sales Invoice and similarly fields like Warehouse are of no use in the print format of the Purchase Invoice.

I think you would definitely have to think of a more proactive solution, the 4-column quick entry is indeed a good feature but not at the cost of information lost for other fields. I think as you had said that the edit feature is already there but I could not see that feature in case of item tables.

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Any plans to give back the old functionality this is the only reason which is stopping us to upgrade to v7 and due to this we are missing a lot of needed features like Asset Depreciation.

@rmehta any thing that you people have thought about this apart from the previous suggestions.

Added a formatter “Item Code: Item Name”. Does this work?

I don’t think a formatter would solve the problem. What if I want to see the List Price and Discount. I think you should have 2 different views for editing and non-editing as I was pointing out in the below GIF

The moment we press EDIT for the table the table can convert to 4-columns quick entry mode and if we are not editing the table then its in READ mode where it shows the table in v6 mode where we can define which fields to show and which fields not to show.

I hope I am able to get me message through in words.


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@adityaduggal I do agree…editable grid is nice for quick entry but its too costly to sacrifice users to loss-view of many useful/important information. At this point…we will not use editable grid…

I have uncheck editable grid via customize form but the for still showing editable grid mode…How to turn it off so we can have v6 entry mode instead??

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User must be able to see important information at a glance…and they must be able to decide themselves which fields to appear and which fields to not appear…

If possible…I think @adityaduggal 's suggestions will solve the problem. As addition, the column for editable grid should be 5…instead of 4. E.g. When user is making entry for Sales Invoice / Delivery Note, warehouse column is missing and user cannot configure this…so at the end they have to go to detail form to make entry…if not it may lead to wrong entry using default warehouse…

All fields which are set as mandatory should appear on the editable grid…

Is there any chance to get back v6 child-grid view? Or at least there’s an option to turn off editable grid…


I think there is an option in customize form view to disable the quick entry for specific child tables but unchecking it does not seems to be working. Probably @rmehta can let us know if this is working or still WIP, btw this is on the develop branch and so might take few days to come to master.

<img src=“/uploads/default/original/2X/e/e322c57786904120adf71d08fd4d5a02549ff96d.png” width=“690” height="282"y


@adityaduggal pushed a fix in develop that if you uncheck it will edit old style.


@rmehta just checked it, its great to see the old functionality being there as an option.
It would have been perfect if the Add Multiple Items button could be returned as well in case we don’t want to use the quick entry…but maybe I am asking for a lot.

Time for me to update to v7 on production server.

Once again thanks for the support.


@rmehta max.5 columns editable would be helpful. Currently it looks so ‘rigid’ where users have no privilege / cannot do anything to decide which fields to appear on the grid…

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