[v7] Project not populated in General Ledger


Kindly note that in Version 7, after the submission of Journal Entry when we click on ‘Ledger’ , the General Ledger report is not fetching the Project set in the Journal Entry line item.

Thank you.

Have you found the solution?

Hi @magic-overflow

Only for Profit & Loss account type ledger project applied in the general ledger.

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Thank so much @rohit_w


If any account is allowed to apply project in the General Ledger regardless Report Type, what will happen?
I have no idea what will happen and my accountant just needs to apply Project in General Ledger regardless Report Type.

Hi @magic-overflow

Project has set on the P&L ledger’s GL Entry because it is used to get the profit and loss data based on project in profit and loss statement report.


Can you please elaborate your query

What is your use case?
I think there is no any problem, but how you’re going to set the project in General Ledger because it’s not editable to the user. You need to make some custom changes in the app.

I’ve checked with my accountant, the reason he wants to apply project in General Ledger, it’s just an alternative solution to track reimbursement, prepaid expense, unbilled revenue, unearned revenue by party.

We are a company which provides services, so we have many clients and we track by client or project.

Seems like expenses, in that case system will automatically set the project in the general ledger when you make journal entry. Kindly set the project against the expense ledger in the journal entry, please check below screenshot and GIF

Expense Ledger

Journal Entry

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I think only Account which Report Type is Profit and Loss. In my case the account Report Type is Balance Sheet.

Hi @rohit_w. I am an accountant. We provide consulting service to our clients. Three questions questions related to this topic:

Question 1. We charge professional fee and reimburse actual payments we made on behalf of the clients. we do not book reimbursement as expense account, but we book it as asset account because if we book as expense account we need to bill to client as our revenue and a lot of tax will apply. As we have a lot of clients, we need to make sure that we can keep track of reimbursement for each client. So who do we manage to keep track of reimbursement by client or project in ERPNext?

Example: When we make payment on behalf of clients.
Case 1: we make direct payment to supplier
Debit. Reimbursement (asset account)
Credit. Account Payable (to be paid to supplier later)

Case 2: Our employee claim expense for payment made on behalf of the client.
Debit. Reimbursement (asset account)
Credit. Employee Payable (to be paid to employee later)

For both cases when we bill to client:
Debit. Account Receivable
Credit. Reimbursement Expenses

Question 2. We make a lot of prepayment (asset account) to many suppliers. We need to keep track of prepayment by suppliers so that we can manage deliver of service and goods from suppliers and allocate prepayment to expenses correctly by period. How do we keep track of prepayment by supplier?

Question 3. How do we keep track of unfilled income (we already finished our service but not yet billed to client) and unearned revenue (we billed to the client, but we have not finished our service) by clients? IFRS requires that revenue to be recognized when we complete performing our service. so each month we need to accrual for unbilled in come and unearned revenue. But I don’t know how to keep track of the balance by client.

I have this same question

Even I have similar cases … any solution?