[V7] Purchase Order --> Item --> Which Item Code for Suppliers?

Hey guys,

Check the following:

In Stock > Item, we can selected multiple Item Suppliers SKU

But in Purchase Order, we can select an Item but Which Supplier SKU ?

Purchase Order has the child Table Purchase Order Item and as I see:

there is a field Supplier Part Number , Read Only.

If we use the standard Purchase Order form, this field is populated with the first element frin Item → Item Code Supplier.

I think this not correct logic. When there is the ability to add multiple Supplier SKU it should be the ability to select the proper SKU in Purchase Order.

I tried to implement a solution using Custom Script and Form but I had many problems, for example Supplier Part Number in Purchase Order Item can’t be changed from Read Only to something else.

So, the above logic is something that is a decision of ERPnext?
and if not, can you guide me to contribute this feature properly (Purchase Order is core feature and many things are happening…)

hi there,

you have to customize it …adding a new field in Purchase Order Item and fetch it using custom script from Item Supplier

Yes , I have try it. I had many issues with selecting List View items. My main point is if this is UI functionality should be in main features of the erpnext so I can contribute.

…that’s core team decision …i’ll share my solution later today.

Can you explain why you have multiple supplier part numbers for the same part and supplier?

The intent of the Item Code for Suppliers is that if you have a part that can be sourced by multiple suppliers, you can reference their part number in the purchase order. I don’t think the intent with it was to have more than one part number per supplier.

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott I agree …supplier part number is one per supplier …

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott , @JoEz
This is how :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the image upload is stacked (please make the search)

Supplier: RS components (rs-online.com)
Manufacturer: Broadcom
Manufacturer Part Number: HCPL-181-00BE

Supplier Part Number 1: 696-1254
Supplier Part Number 2: 696-1254 P

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott @JoEz,

And thinking about it, there is not unique validation when you put Supplier and Supplier Part Number in Item DocType.

You are right, there is no validation, but the intent (based on how it actually performs) seems to be one item per supplier.
It shouldn’t be too much work to change it so that you have the ability to select from multiple supplier part numbers, and that would be a helpful contribution to erpnext.

I am imagining changing the field to not be read only, then setting the query so that only supplier item codes that match the selected supplier and item show up in the list.

Can’t u use BOM?

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott the reason we need to have multiple Supplier SKU per item is, that at least in our industry, suppliers sell different packaging for an item. Lets say you are buying a semiconductor such as a microcontroller, it may be in a full reel of 1000 pieces, it may be in a stick magazine of 95 pieces or they may sell it as a cut tape of 200 pieces. This does not generally have different manufacturer part numbers so it is one item for us, however it can be multiple items for the supplier.

can’t u use Unit of Measure Conversion in Purchase Details? You can set as much conversion as u need or use a product bundle …