V7 rounding issue?

We have system settings float precision set to 3. We need this because we offer % discounts on price and some products are cheap. When we create a quotation or sales order we can see the precision is set to 3

However when we create an invoice the precision is now only β€œ2” meaning the invoice is a different price thatn the quote - not good

I am sure this is a change within version 7 as we did not notice this before the upgrade

Support have suggest changing the precision on the invoice custom form fields. I am not sure which. I tried a few but got nowhere. The nearest was this which shows 3 places, but the final place is simple a 0 so the 3 digit precision is not carrying across

can anyone help as we are really suck on how to proceed to ensure our customers get invoices that match their quotations

Refer to this discuss thread, it may help you

@Ron_Taylor Can you please check settings in Currency.

Thanks all. With help from support the answer was

β€œIn the Sales Invoice, precision for the Rate field was 2. I have set it as 3, same as in Sales Order. Now, value from Sales Order is correctly fetched into Sales Invoice”

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